ZAR Photography | About
In my almost 20 year journey with photography, I have had the pleasure to work with most film and digital 35mm systems, the Hasselblad MF System and the Phase One MF Digital system. In my aerial photographic experience, I have worked extensively with the prized Leica RC-30 large format film camera system, a true treasure of superior optics and build quality. Archiving Life one Moment at a time and working with this level of equipment has shown me many lessons over the years. The most important of these lessons include safety, getting it right in camera and keeping your client happy.

When dealing with ZAR Photography, the main focus is to help the client complete a working idea, help promote a new one, or create an original.

Currently, I am using the Nikon D800, professional Nikon FX lenses and the Einstein lighting system. It's exciting to use all of my previous experience along with great photographic tools to chronicle special events for my clients and create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you wish to inquire about a new project, please feel free to email or call me.